Dj Arun Profile

Dj Arun Profile
Birth name
21 September 1980
Trivandrum, Kerala
Tech House, Deep House, Bollywood, Retro
Years active
1999 - Present


Hailing from India, DJ Arun has been a professional DJ for nearly a decade, boasting 8 years of background spinning records in and out of his home state of Kerala. Based in the city of Trivandrum, also known as “God’s Own Country”, DJ Arun had the chance to perform more than 1300 shows and share his unique blend of sound, borrowing from elements as diverse as tech house, deep house, Bollywood music, Bhangra, retro and Tamil, just to mention a few. His unique approach to DJ-ing is a great compromise between the fascinating melodies of eastern music and the punch of western electronica, bringing together the best of both words in a truly personal and compelling way.

Having been active within the music scene since his beginnings back in 1999, DJ Arun boasts a massive and impressive collection of music, ranging from 80s classics to 90s hits and 00s bangers, including genres as diverse as house, retro, Bollywood mixes, hip-hop and many, many more. Through his broad selection and wide range of music, DJ Arun is able to appeal to a wide audience, catering to diverse listeners, regardless of their age range, creed and walk of life. As long as there is people, there is music!

Over the span of such a prolific and long-lasting career, DJ Arun managed to constantly rise his high standards, delivering killer performances and interacting with the audience on a deeper level, transcending generations, music styles, locations and more; establishing himself as one of the Best DJs in Kerala.

They say that music is what truly brings people together: it is the soundtrack of our lives and it is what makes a night out, a celebration or an event a truly special thing for people to carry on in their memories. DJ Arun totally gets it, because he gives 110% every single time – Whether performing private parties, club nights, residencies and appearances at some of the major clubs throughout the local music scene, he is known as one of the most sought-after and engaging DJ performers out there; able to turn any event into a truly unforgettable celebration!

His sound and live performances are all about connecting with the audience through massive energy release, memorable hooks, unforgettable songs and great vibes! To keep up to date with all news and new music check out his MySpace, Soundcloud and Facebook pages.